Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Unshed Tears

      Sitting at the computer and listening to  my favorite songs. Outside the rain pours hard and I feel the cold. Being alone in this scenario made me think of things that I still keep. There’s something inside of me that needs to come out.

         It’s raining for more than a week, it’s unstoppable. I wonder how long the Mother Earth holds that much of tears in her eyes or how the clouds handle or hold that much of water to itself. I wonder how either got the chance of freeing it out or letting it go. I hope I have the chance too. But if I had, for sure it’s unstoppable too.

        I thought it was just the cold from the outside that made me shiver. But it seems that it comes from within. I feel the chill getting deeper inside me. through my veins. A part of me telling me that, I should let it go and let it flow. Though my heart weeps but I cannot cry.  My tears seem all run dry. Too tired and I don’t want to  either think of it nor talk about it. I  pushed all the thoughts that accompanied by pain. Even talking with someone can't change what’s ailing me.

        I closed my eyes and feel the rain. The cold braces me. Somehow I like the times like this. The rain, I thought of it as my unshed tears.

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