Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Devil Beside Me

        There are things that happen in our world or in human life that cannot be explained. These mysteries are part of the reality and remains as nature’s secret. It’s up to us if we believe in them or not.

     This happened when I was a kid.. Way back in our old house when I was I think in kinder or younger, was in a room with my father and brother. It was evening and I was busy playing with my stuff when I noticed a silhouette of a person from upper waist to head on the floor. Okay. It’s normal, but there’s something unusual on his head. As a child I got curious so I called father’s attention who was busy talking to my brother and was sitting near me.

     I pointed it to him and asked. He just told me that it was just him, he even moved his head to convinced me but it did not moved. I don’t know if he noticed it cause when i looked at him, he was talking to my brother again.

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