Friday, February 11, 2011


I grew up in a religious environment. We do religious practices such as having Angelus and Rosary prayer every six in the afternoon and going to mass every Sunday. I knew many church songs through attending the mass and I remember my brothers taught me while playing the guitar. Church songs became my favorite songs. I started being active in church when I was just in primary school. I joined the Religious of the Virgin Mary and house to house visit and pray for Our Lady of Fatima. I involve myself in vigils, praying in the church from night until dawn. I started to become a liturgical reader when I was 12.
I went to a religious school managed by nuns and sisters when I was in high school. We pray a lot, went to church sometimes two times a week or more. I enjoyed and loved what I was doing. I love being with God, in his church and serving him. I offered my days and time with him. I thought of entering religious community or sisterhood. I saw sisters in our school and they’re fine. They’re enjoying their commitment and their life with God. I thought it was that easy, but I’m wrong. It’s what they call “calling”.  God’s call. So I told myself, if it’s my call, I won’t turn my back.

Everything changes when I went to college. I became busy with schools and friends. My life had changed. I became inactive in the church. I quit being a reader. I seldom join prayer activities or not at all.

One Sunday when I went to mass, the feeling was so familiar. I hear the songs and sang it. I can’t help to have teary eyes and I even wanted to cry. I missed the church and I miss God, I miss serving him. So when I had given another chance to go to college, to take up my second course I promised to give time and served him. I joined the school choir. I love every song I sing for him. Feeling the songs almost made me cry.

My vision in life changed. I want a family and I want to have children on my own in the future. Maybe God has different plan for me. Like serving him in a different way than being a nun.

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