Saturday, May 14, 2011

Drifting Off

Outside our house in Caibiran, Biliran

Drifting off in my own reverie.

I felt contented when I found a cool spot in our porch where I had the full view of the sea. It took more than an hour before the clock ticked at exactly twelve noon. The heat of the sunlight, the glistening parts of the sea, and the vivid sky made me squint when I see through them. The heat of the summer sunshine was quenching up in my body and suffused my every pore. Thanks to the wind of heavens by preventing my body from glistening with sweat.

My eyes were set on the waves that come and go, touched and left the brown shimmering sand. The sea level started to get high and after a few hours it washed and invaded some part of the shore.

I consciously closed my eyes, I tried to reach out for the waves and hear what it has to say, and feel the sea breeze in my sweat damp skin.  I heard the peaceful and heavy sounds of waves and felt and inhaled the fresh scent of sea breeze. After a while, amidst of scores of deep sighs, I found a rhythm that almost made me drowned. The peaceful sound gave a comfort zone and a resting place for my soul. The heavy waves are enough to break down my sand castle of despair and remorse. And sea breeze gave a touch that made me lift and made me felt connected to a distant place.

After a while the sound of waves was like music in my ear, like a lullaby and seems the air had catch sleeping spell and put some in my pensive thoughts. It felt like I’m slowly drifting off like sand.. with the waves.. from the shore..  into the ocean depths…

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