Thursday, February 17, 2011


She runs as fast as she can until she gets drained.
And lie in the ground and feel the comfort of the grass and sand.
She faces the sky with wide eye
And look at it until it lost out her sight

She closed her eyes and found the courage,
And listen to her heart and its heartbeat.
Tears flow down her cheeks.
Like seawater through the creek.

She stands up and let them flow
Until the level of the seawater go low
She shouts and calls his name
How could you be so unfeeling?

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I wasn’t the one who pull the trigger
I was just a victim of the plan
I’m not guilty of putting my heart into danger
You deceive me like any other man

I trained my heart and built a wall
So I am not that easy to fall
But you betray me and destroy what I built
And you left me bear this kind of guilt

And now I’m imprisoned
With this objectionable reason
You leave me disagreeable
In this dark and cold dungeon

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Friday, February 11, 2011


I grew up in a religious environment. We do religious practices such as having Angelus and Rosary prayer every six in the afternoon and going to mass every Sunday. I knew many church songs through attending the mass and I remember my brothers taught me while playing the guitar. Church songs became my favorite songs. I started being active in church when I was just in primary school. I joined the Religious of the Virgin Mary and house to house visit and pray for Our Lady of Fatima. I involve myself in vigils, praying in the church from night until dawn. I started to become a liturgical reader when I was 12.
I went to a religious school managed by nuns and sisters when I was in high school. We pray a lot, went to church sometimes two times a week or more. I enjoyed and loved what I was doing. I love being with God, in his church and serving him. I offered my days and time with him. I thought of entering religious community or sisterhood. I saw sisters in our school and they’re fine. They’re enjoying their commitment and their life with God. I thought it was that easy, but I’m wrong. It’s what they call “calling”.  God’s call. So I told myself, if it’s my call, I won’t turn my back.

Everything changes when I went to college. I became busy with schools and friends. My life had changed. I became inactive in the church. I quit being a reader. I seldom join prayer activities or not at all.

One Sunday when I went to mass, the feeling was so familiar. I hear the songs and sang it. I can’t help to have teary eyes and I even wanted to cry. I missed the church and I miss God, I miss serving him. So when I had given another chance to go to college, to take up my second course I promised to give time and served him. I joined the school choir. I love every song I sing for him. Feeling the songs almost made me cry.

My vision in life changed. I want a family and I want to have children on my own in the future. Maybe God has different plan for me. Like serving him in a different way than being a nun.

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I feel the drum’s beat and it’s fast.
I hear a song that seems to last.
I cover my ears, “Oh, please stop!”
But it gets louder and it’s coming from…
                     … coming from my heart.

I wanted it to stop and change the rhythm
And run to change the feeling
I don’t want to know, I don’t want to bear.
What I already have and what I truly feel.

It can’t be that fast, I almost out of breath
I see only him, don’t get me blinded
Heartbeat stop, please don’t let me fall
To someone who never love me at all

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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Words Unspoken

by solidadah 
February 10, 2011

Why is this feeling here again?
And my wounds hurt with so much pain?
How can I speak it out and say those words?
But every time I tried, it catches in my throat.

I want to cry and wept until my tears run dry.
I want to run and leave all those feelings I hide.
I want to be numb so I won’t feel weak.
So I have nothing to feel and nothing to think.

Every day I get emptier inside.
Feeling lost and myself I can’t find.
How can it be so hard? How can it be?
These words unspoken, It’s crushing down on me.

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My Broken Valentino

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching,
I thought of you and I was wondering.
You’re still mending your broken heart
Will you feel that day without falling apart?

I never dare to interfere,
Coz I knew losing her was your greatest fear.
I never dare to touch your heart,
Coz I knew she was there from the very start.

You called on the phone and you were crying
You missed her and it was her you were longing.
Heart’s Day is coming and still my silence hurts,
You we’re crying while my heart burns.

I thought the distance will help me cope,
Hide my feelings and never hope.
But when I hear that familiar but cheerless voice,
I wished I was there to give comfort.

I’m just a friend never been more than that,
Even you’re oceans away; I still don’t have the guts,
Telling you that it was more than just before,
You’re more than just a friend and now I love you more..

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A Ride Back Home

She stood there in the darkness waiting for a ride.
Unknown cars, strange motors and buses passed her by.
She tried to put her head up high,
And try to hold the tears in her eyes.

In her ride for home, she gazed out the window.
Busying her eyes, so tears won’t flow.
She closed her eyes try to fight the pain,
And hated herself for being weak and frail.

At home she ate and went directly to her room
Afraid they might see her eyes in gloom
She turns off the light and sees nothing but darkness
In her pillow she let go her pain and madness.

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Deepest Wound

I was abandoned and I walked alone,
But my steps is taking me back to the journey that’s gone.
I need to stop and start picking up the pieces,
That once was whole and high in spirits.

In every time I tried to pick the pieces that broke,
Tears beckoning my eyes I tried to hold.
Putting away the mirrors, myself I won’t dare to look,
Seeing the weakness in me won’t help me cope.

I almost forget the art of being happy,
Cause the pain invaded the whole part of me.
I chase on what I saw was a bit of hope,
But a bit of hope is not enough to heal a wound.

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Is it stupidity in staying?
When you’re hurt as often as everyday?
Is it still stupidity in staying you’re bleeding?
Still you’re keeping pretending in different way.
What keeps you strong somehow made you weak.
For every hurt, pain is always kept.
Numb is all I want to be,
But damn I don’t know where it will take me.
It’s me, that’s me; this is all I want to be.
Accept me, that am all I wanted to see.

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Unshed Tears

      Sitting at the computer and listening to  my favorite songs. Outside the rain pours hard and I feel the cold. Being alone in this scenario made me think of things that I still keep. There’s something inside of me that needs to come out.

         It’s raining for more than a week, it’s unstoppable. I wonder how long the Mother Earth holds that much of tears in her eyes or how the clouds handle or hold that much of water to itself. I wonder how either got the chance of freeing it out or letting it go. I hope I have the chance too. But if I had, for sure it’s unstoppable too.

        I thought it was just the cold from the outside that made me shiver. But it seems that it comes from within. I feel the chill getting deeper inside me. through my veins. A part of me telling me that, I should let it go and let it flow. Though my heart weeps but I cannot cry.  My tears seem all run dry. Too tired and I don’t want to  either think of it nor talk about it. I  pushed all the thoughts that accompanied by pain. Even talking with someone can't change what’s ailing me.

        I closed my eyes and feel the rain. The cold braces me. Somehow I like the times like this. The rain, I thought of it as my unshed tears.

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Your Memories

I’ve been through a lot of pains
Knowing that I won’t have you
I’ve been thinking some memories
That may encourage me to forget you

But the memories appeared in me
Encourage me to continue
These feelings that I have in heart
Only just for you

I was wrong when I tried
To forget all the feelings I had
I have just realized that still
Your memories keeps my love alive

Originally written on June 7, 2004
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My Heart Says

I love you even though you don’t love me
I care for you even though you don’t care
But what am I supposed to do
My heart says I do love you

Even love is just a game for you
Even you told me words that broke my heart in two
I will still love you
Because that’s what my heart tells me to

Even they said we’re not meant to be
And I should love the one who will love me
But I can’t force heart to love another guy
Because it only says your name and you’re one of a kind

Even if they insist that what they had said was true
Whatever reason they have to prove me
I will still do what my heart tells me
I will love you and it will always be.

Originally written on December 12, 2003
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A Friend

When you’re exhausted from your dilemma
Don’t know what to do to ease the pain
You remember that there’s one person
A friend that you can lean on

If you’re weary and feeling down
Feeling no one is around
 You need someone to rise you up
A friend who will give you a supportive heart

Not only in bad times she’s there
Laughter and happy moments are also shared
Making fun and craziness together
With a friend that will cherish forever

Originally written on November 4, 2003
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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

More Than A Friend

Masaya ako pagkasama kita
Palitan ng ngiti sa isa't-isa
Sabi mo pa nga sa akin noon na
Sana tumagal pa tayong dalawa

Sa aking puso'y kay hirap pakinggan
Kahit iyon ay sa pagkakaibigan
Sana hindi na lang kita naging friend
Parang naging tayo ngayon until end

Alam kong hanggang pangarap lang ako
Kasi kaibigan lang ako sayo
Dahil alam ko naman na ang mahal mo
Ay ang kaibigan ko at hindi ako

Dinadaan na lang ang selos sa biro
At heto naman sumasakay ang loko
Friend, kung alam mo lang sana
Mahal kita higit pa sa iyong akala.

Originally written on April 29, 2004

Ballpen at Papel

Ballpen at papel ang laging kasama
Sa lungkot at saya na nadarama
Nabibilang ang bawat patak ng luha
Nakikita ang saya sa kislap ng mga mata

Pagnakadama na nang pag-iisa
Lungkot at nawawalan ng pag-asa
Ballpen at papel ang laging kasama
Ibinubuhos ang lahat ng nadarama

Kapag sa puso nadarama ang kaligayahan
Ballpen at papel ang kasama sa kwentuhan
Alam ang bawat ditalye at nilalaman
Ng pusong walang malagyan ng kaligayahan

Minsang walang masabihan at walang nakakaintindi
Sa pagdurusa at sayang nadarama sa sarili
Hindi niyo naman ako masisisi
Kung ballpen at papel ang tinuturing kakampi.

Originally written on January 11, 2004

Siya Lang Ang Nag-iisa

Gustuhin mo man siyang kalimutan pero hindi mo magawa.
Pagpinilit mo lalo mo lang siya maaalala
May mga bagay na nag-uugnay sa inyo
Kahit ang isa't-isa ay malayo

Kahit iwasan mo man ang mga bagay na iyon,
Pilit pa rin iyon bumabalik sa iyong puso
Kahit maraming bagay ang dahilan na dapat siyang kalimutan
Di pa rin magawa nang iyong pusong tunay na nagmamahal

Ibaling mo man sa iba ang nadarama
Ngunit pag-ibig sa kanya's di pa rin nag-iiba
Dahil sa puso and isipan mo
Siya lang ang nag-iisa

Originally written on November 6, 2003

Simpleng Tula

Eto ako nakaupo and walang magawa.
Walang makausap ni isa.
Nakakainggit naman sila.
Lesson namin kanilang nababasa.

Walang matinong computer na magamit.
Iyong iba may kulang at hindi makaconnect.
ICDL dapat pa namang basahin,
Para sa darating na quiz namin.

Malapit na rin ang oras,
Para kami ay lumabas.
Isang oras na rin ang lumipas,
Makakauwi na rin sa wakas.

Tapos na rin ang klase,
At oras na rin para umuwi.
Paalam muna sa kaibigan,
At bukas tuloy na naman sa pag-aaral.

Kahit papaano may nagawa rin,
Sa kadahilanang sarili ay libangin.
Dahil sa walang makausap at magawa,
Nakagawa rin ako ng simpleng tula..

Originally written in October 2003

Ang Tunay Mong Halaga

Sa inyong pagkakaibigan,
Ika'y minsa'y nababaliwala.
Dahil sa pansariling kagustuhan,
Ng iyong kaibigang kasa-kasama.

Minsan iyong nararamdaman,
Nag-iisa lang sa kawalan.
Di mo matanggap ang katotohanan,
Na ang nagpapahirap ay isang kaibigan.

Kaibigan ko, wag mong iisipin,
Na ika'y nag-iisa at walang makapiling.
Sa paligid ikaw ay tumingin,
Nandito kami para ikaw ay yakapin.

Kahit siya ay di nakauunawa,
Sa sakit na siya mismo ang may gawa.
Balang araw malalaman din niya,
Ang tunay mong halaga.

Originally written on September 27, 2003

Friend Of Mine

It starts with a simple chatting,
That leads to exchanging thoughts and stories.
In every talk builds a relationship,
That leads to a simple and good friendship.

I never considered as a hindrance of not seeing him,
Even they say this is some kind of strange.
Even this friend of mine comes from a far place,
He is still a friend that I really cherish.

I may not know what he looks like,
And even paint his face in the sky.
I wish this friendship of us will stay,
Wherever we may go and whenever we may lay.

Originally written on January 08, 2004
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Friends Forever

It’s been a long time we’ve been together,
Sharing funny things with each other.
Every sad moments you made me better,
And we promised we’ll be friends forever.

You don’t know how I treasure you my friend,
You always give a hand to lend.
Even though I made mistakes,
You’re always there ready to forgive.

Time has come that we have to part,
But you will always stay here in my heart.
I will never forget the times that passed.
With a true friendship that will forever last.

Originally written in 2002
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Friend of Mine

Devil Beside Me

        There are things that happen in our world or in human life that cannot be explained. These mysteries are part of the reality and remains as nature’s secret. It’s up to us if we believe in them or not.

     This happened when I was a kid.. Way back in our old house when I was I think in kinder or younger, was in a room with my father and brother. It was evening and I was busy playing with my stuff when I noticed a silhouette of a person from upper waist to head on the floor. Okay. It’s normal, but there’s something unusual on his head. As a child I got curious so I called father’s attention who was busy talking to my brother and was sitting near me.

     I pointed it to him and asked. He just told me that it was just him, he even moved his head to convinced me but it did not moved. I don’t know if he noticed it cause when i looked at him, he was talking to my brother again.

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