Thursday, February 10, 2011

My Broken Valentino

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching,
I thought of you and I was wondering.
You’re still mending your broken heart
Will you feel that day without falling apart?

I never dare to interfere,
Coz I knew losing her was your greatest fear.
I never dare to touch your heart,
Coz I knew she was there from the very start.

You called on the phone and you were crying
You missed her and it was her you were longing.
Heart’s Day is coming and still my silence hurts,
You we’re crying while my heart burns.

I thought the distance will help me cope,
Hide my feelings and never hope.
But when I hear that familiar but cheerless voice,
I wished I was there to give comfort.

I’m just a friend never been more than that,
Even you’re oceans away; I still don’t have the guts,
Telling you that it was more than just before,
You’re more than just a friend and now I love you more..

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