Saturday, October 20, 2012

For You

It's when you are with someone who is dear to you. That someone doesn't know your true feelings yet. And you're having a hard time to express it. You try to banish those feelings and fight against it but you end up losing your own battle.

I never realized how much I missed you,
When I saw you standing there.
You looked my way and smiled and waited,
Feels like I’m walking in the air.

I was struck and nearly surprised with my emotions,
It really exists and it’s so true.
Fighting over it had never been a good decision
Cause it means loneliness and losing you.

I wanted to stop the time, us together,
And the world is ours.
Without worries and fears in our hearts,
And make it our best happy hours.

The end result seems too obvious,
 I lost the nerve to fight.
For a long heart and mind battle,
 I give up right before your eyes.

I never wear my heart upon my sleeve yet for you to see.
I want to say those words but emotions overwhelm me.
Just being with you and leaning on your shoulder,
I cried because my feelings is beyond words can utter.

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