Saturday, April 23, 2011

Nature Lover's Getaway (Beaches)

Most of us Filipinos are nature lovers. We are born to value nature like our lives. We acquire good qualities and personalities on how to preserve the beauty of nature. That is why Philippines is one of the blessed country when it comes to natural resources. Our country has lots of natural resources to be proud of and there are some not yet discovered.

Before I sail to the other far islands here in the Philippines and discover more of the nature’s beauty of our country, I want to recall and share the wonderful places I had been. I was born nature lover and even though I am a computer scientist I still neither believe that technology can change nor leveled what God has made.

Marabut Beach, Marabut, Eastern Samar 
Picture via Beaches and Resort

Marabut Beach is one of the places we visited in our Science Club Field Trip when I was in high school.  The sand is white and the water is clear. Their cottages are made of indigenous materials. From the seashore you’ll see the breathtaking view of the towering rock cliffs and the unique seascape of the bay.

 Sapao Beach, Guiuan, Eastern Samar
 Picture via Wikimapia

After Marabut Beach, we went to Sapao beach and there we took our lunch time. We spent more hours to enjoy the place.  It’s a long stretch of white sand with small islands and the water was either below or above your knee. It will take a long walk before you reached the deep part of the sea. The beach offers a nice and commanding view of the Pacific Ocean.

Digyo Island, Inocapan, Leyte
Picture via For Love of the Sea
This is best place I had been. After our successful recital at STI Ormoc, my best friend’s sister took us in this wonderful small island. Digyo is just one of the four islands popularly known as Quatro Islas. It was my first time to swim in the deep part of the sea only with life jacket on since I don’t know how to swim. The water was so clear and the sand is white. So we had access to see the beauty underneath from above without using sea goggles.  Before we went back to the boat we rented and went home, we walked around the island and for the last time we savor its beauty. The timing of going home was perfect because we come across dolphins. I can't help to smile with the memory of it. They said we are so lucky because not all vacationers have the opportunity to encounter them.

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