Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My Imperfection

We live in an imperfect world. We made mistakes almost everyday and its part of being a human. No matter what we do or try to attain perfection, we fail because it’s not a human trait. So we will never accomplish perfection in this world because the world itself is imperfect. The only perfect is the Creator.

Okay now I don’t mean to be serious about perfection. I am a person who commits mistakes almost every day of my life, consciously or unconsciously. Consciously because I might aware of the possible result of things I will do but I still go on. Unconsciously because there are times I’m in my own world and became unaware of the real world. The end result was making mistakes that hurt no one but me, myself and I.

When we became mad and hot tempered about something we tend to forget and made things out of control. Don’t worry I did not hit anyone. I hated myself and someone when I hit my right foot in the bamboo table. OUCH! It almost made me cry in pain. I did not realize I’ll hit that hard. I can hardly walk for more than a month. I was working that time and I had to walk the long way everyday to reach the highway. What a punishment huh? 

When we have lots of things in mind and we are in our own world, we became unaware of what’s happening around and of what we are doing. I don’t know what I was thinking that time but I’m sure my mind was flying somewhere. It was evening riding for home in a multicab, I was outside looking in. It was too late when I noticed the strange places in our way. I looked back and forth. “Oh oh.. Where am I?” I rode in a wrong Multicab. 

You might laugh at me now or think that I was being stupid. It’s okay; when I thought of those times I can’t help myself to laugh over it. I won’t deny this part of me being a human. It happens in our life anyways.


  1. That happens to the best of us. You're not alone :-)

  2. it's very bold of you to share this, like it sol

  3. naks.. serious...but i like it..

  4. hehe.. serious ba?.. thanks jen :)