Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Place I Call Home

I spent almost the 24 years of my life here in this place I called home. We moved here since my father started to work in a government institution. I was not born yet that time.  But I got enough time and still have the time to build memories that I will bring sometime in a distant land.

In this place I first learned and had my first time experiences as a child. Here I learn how to make friends, play different kinds of games and accidentally hurt myself without regrets. I imagined or remembered myself running around, chasing friends or hiding in some places.  We looked for fruits and ate on the trees.  I remember when I climbed in a tree until I reached the peak. It felt so wonderful and fulfilling. That is why I won a price of sermon from my parents.  That’s one thing I love about this place, it is blessed with trees especially fruit trees, vegetables and the air is fresh.

One thing I love most of this place is this is where our family started to dream and plan for our future. This is where my parents established a good life for us. They gave us good environment to grow up with.
Someday maybe before the year ends we might leave this place. Thinking of it made me sad. It’s hard to leave a place like this, a special place. I knew from the start that some time in the near future or eventually we might leave this place soon.  A fact that I should accept since nothing lasts forever.  That’s why we have the so-called memories. I will never ever forget this place. This is the place where I enjoyed my youthful years. 

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  1. I felt that when we had to leave the home I grew up in. But I know that home is wherever my family is. It was sad leaving the old place, but as long as we are together, no sweat.

  2. yeah.. thanks for the comment :)