Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Strangers in an Instant

I wish people who abandoned me had been thrown away and become strangers in an instant. So that they won’t call my name as if they're truly aware it exists. They won't talk to me as if those mouths of theirs didn’t uttered insensitive words towards me even behind my back. They won’t act as if they really cared. As if no heart was bruised, no tears flowed like rivers and no life was shattered. At least, I would lessen their burdens and ceased them for having hard times in playing a role.

If only throwing those people away would be legal and easy tasks and not that difficult as it is. That would be easy to get used without them eventually like a dumb man. There is nothing to be missed. No song would make you cry and make you remember how wonderful was it to sing with someone or sing that song for you. No events would make you remember those things that you used to do and missed to do so. Even those things do come back, at least just for once and just for an instant. Loneliness won't wake you up either let you sleep. No instances, such biting down your lips to stop yourself from crying and hide in your own solitude. You won't tremble, feels sturdy and feeling pointless.

They would accept it all without hurting you more or putting blame on you  Instead, thanking you for getting out of their lives. For letting them easy to live because of the fact that is, You're not with them anymore. If it happens it would be easy for us to move on and forget. No more sentiments and runaways. And after that you don't have anything to do with what goes on to them and won't affect you at all.

Those are the hardest thing for me and impossible things I could do. I’m not perfect and sentimental overwhelm me sometimes. Past events come to mind and feeling like I've reverted back to the old pain. And it seems like it just happened yesterday.

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