Thursday, March 3, 2011

My Writing Experience

I love writing and I started writing when I was younger. Before, I don't like other people to see my works except those who knows me.  All of it was about my personal life I don't want to get judge from my writings. They might misunderstand me because they don't know about my whole story. And I'm not confident that I am good in writing. So I kept them unread by many.

There came a time a friend told me about a site he joined where he can submit his compositions and at the same time earn even just a little. He encourages me to do so and I thought of it. I thought it's time for me to come out of my shell. It’s time to be open. So I change my conceptions in life and give myself a chance and an opportunity.

I joined and wrote my first article last January 10. I had different kinds of emotions in my writing experience here in Triond. My first article was my experiment how Triond will work.  I wonder how viewers and readers will absorb and understand my compositions and how will they react about it. I saw the number of my views, I felt glad. Then, I published another composition that adds the number of my views. And for the first time I received comments from viewers who were perfectly strangers. I felt wonderful and I was very very glad about it and about them. So, I thank Triond for healing me from being blind. Sharing and being open is not harmful at all. It felt so good to share your feelings and knowledge and anything under the sun. And I thank my friend for showing me the way.

Now I publish more and more articles and poems as I can. And I get more and more views, comments and friends too. I learn a lot from reading different articles from different kinds of people.  Sometimes I even consider their suggestions. I’m thankful I found Triond. 

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