Thursday, July 25, 2013

Who said "Don't go chasing water falls?" (Inambakan Falls, Ginatilan Cebu)

It was a week when I was down in dumps, coping for a sudden sadness and unexplained feelings until one early morning something woke me up. It was past four in the morning when I received a text from a friend informing me that we will be off to somewhere and the meeting time will be at six. Good Lord I woke up right in time. Then, we met past 6:00 in South Bus Terminal of Cebu City, Cebu just a few minutes from the place I stay in. It’s going to be a more than 4 hours bus trip they say, so I thought I’m going to have a long hour with my thoughts then. Actually I had no idea where we were going to and my buddy did not mentioned it in her text so I didn’t know what in store for me there. All I know is, I need to get away, far from the busy world and busy mind. 

On the road I looked out the window to have busy eyes not a busy mind. Seeing green colors, mountains and any form of nature always working miracles on me. I’ve seen the beauty on how the sun greets the mountains. From the window although I won’t feel the air I’ve seen how the wind blows there freshness to the trees. There were weird trees and there were amazing trees on the cliff with its big roots clinging on it and still manage to stand up confidently. There were mountains like big walls for me. The soils were almost yellow. And there was an area that I can’t forget. If you’re standing there and facing to the two mountains with its edge connecting it seems like a way to the gate of heaven. If I could only stop the bus that the time I would. We were just on our way and I was enjoying and so pleased already.

It was more than four hours trip already when I saw a house with a trimmed banana tree with it fruits hanging standing in their balcony, I found it funny at first and then I saw it from the another house and then another house. There was something to this than meets the eye, I thought. My thoughts ended when the bus stopped and one of my buddies told us it was time get out. It was then we realize that the people are celebrating the "Feast of St Gregory” which was kind of a good thing. We gave time to visit the church, light candles and made a prayer. I asked for our safety and thanking God for taking me to this place. 

We were so hungry from the long hours of trip so we stop by in a little carenderia near the church to take our lunch. When we were full, we made arrangements on how to get to the so called "Inambakan Falls", the real destinations. We ride in a so called "habal-habal" that can accommodate three passengers plus the driver. We had mixed emotions on our way from the center town to the "Inambakan Falls" because the road was so tricky; it seems like rollercoaster ride.

It will took some stairs to get to the area were the waterfalls lies, heading down we already hear the sounds of continuous rumbling sound of the water crashing down and we were getting excited. When we get to the exact area, there I was standing still. I was dazed and the sight was breathtaking. My mind was all at rest and I can’t think of anything but this wonderful creation right before my eyes.

It was a wonderful sight. It was a tall rock trimmed stone surrounded by lush greenery. You’ll feel the cold and the midst of the water crashing down to the wide natural pool. The water was clear green and the sand was almost white. In the side of the pool there was a good size stream and the color of the stone and sand were almost the same. The light of the sun made the stream glisten like crystals. It was almost paradise. The water was so cold and I can barely bear to swim with it but when my friend made fun of me I ended up wet with without thinking. It was then realize the cold was bearable and it was fun, swimming here and there assuming I know how to swim.  The water is strong enough that made the tiny drops hurts you but that’s bearable and worth it. I went to the stream and let my back rest against the stone and let the running water do the magic in my back and head, so relaxing and refreshing. I put my hands on the running water; I allowed it to overflow, it was strong but doesn’t hurt.

In the mid-afternoon the travelers quietly leaving the area and it was almost four in the afternoon when we made our way back. We were the second to the last group who leave the area. The area is getting quite and the voices of the other group were low from the sound of the waterfalls. It has gotten stronger since our arrival. On our way back to the stairs, we needed to make some stopovers because we felt our knees weaken and we just laughed about it.

This was one of the best days of my life. Imagine, before that I was almost drowned from my loneliness. GOD is really great.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

For You

It's when you are with someone who is dear to you. That someone doesn't know your true feelings yet. And you're having a hard time to express it. You try to banish those feelings and fight against it but you end up losing your own battle.

I never realized how much I missed you,
When I saw you standing there.
You looked my way and smiled and waited,
Feels like I’m walking in the air.

I was struck and nearly surprised with my emotions,
It really exists and it’s so true.
Fighting over it had never been a good decision
Cause it means loneliness and losing you.

I wanted to stop the time, us together,
And the world is ours.
Without worries and fears in our hearts,
And make it our best happy hours.

The end result seems too obvious,
 I lost the nerve to fight.
For a long heart and mind battle,
 I give up right before your eyes.

I never wear my heart upon my sleeve yet for you to see.
I want to say those words but emotions overwhelm me.
Just being with you and leaning on your shoulder,
I cried because my feelings is beyond words can utter.

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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Drifting Off

Outside our house in Caibiran, Biliran

Drifting off in my own reverie.

I felt contented when I found a cool spot in our porch where I had the full view of the sea. It took more than an hour before the clock ticked at exactly twelve noon. The heat of the sunlight, the glistening parts of the sea, and the vivid sky made me squint when I see through them. The heat of the summer sunshine was quenching up in my body and suffused my every pore. Thanks to the wind of heavens by preventing my body from glistening with sweat.

My eyes were set on the waves that come and go, touched and left the brown shimmering sand. The sea level started to get high and after a few hours it washed and invaded some part of the shore.

I consciously closed my eyes, I tried to reach out for the waves and hear what it has to say, and feel the sea breeze in my sweat damp skin.  I heard the peaceful and heavy sounds of waves and felt and inhaled the fresh scent of sea breeze. After a while, amidst of scores of deep sighs, I found a rhythm that almost made me drowned. The peaceful sound gave a comfort zone and a resting place for my soul. The heavy waves are enough to break down my sand castle of despair and remorse. And sea breeze gave a touch that made me lift and made me felt connected to a distant place.

After a while the sound of waves was like music in my ear, like a lullaby and seems the air had catch sleeping spell and put some in my pensive thoughts. It felt like I’m slowly drifting off like sand.. with the waves.. from the shore..  into the ocean depths…

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